WhatsApp chats are not enough to proof that accused supplied drugs to Aryan Khan, says court

Aryan Khan. PTI file

Aryan Khan. PTI file

A unique court here while allowing bail to Aachit Kumar last week in the medications on-journey case said only based on WhatsApp visits, it can’t be accumulated that he had provided medications to co-charged Aryan Khan, the child of film entertainer Shah Rukh Khan, and Arbaaz Merchant.

The court in its point by point request, a duplicate of which was made accessible on Sunday, likewise brought up issues on the veracity of the Narcotics Control Bureau’s (NCB) panchnama records and said they were created and appeared to be dubious.

Exceptional Judge VV Patil, assigned to hear cases identified with the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, in all actuality bail to 22-year-old Kumar on Saturday.

The court in its itemized request saw that aside from the WhatsApp talks with Aryan, there is no proof to show Kumar was enjoying such exercises.

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“Just based on WhatsApp talks, it can’t be accumulated that the candidate (Kumar) used to supply booty to charged No 1 and 2 (Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant), particularly when the denounced No 1, with whom there are WhatsApp visits, has been allowed bail by the High Court,” the request said.

Aryan and Merchant, who were captured in the voyage drugs case on October 3, were allowed bail by the Bombay High Court last Thursday.

The exceptional court additionally noticed that there was no proof against Kumar to interface him with any of the other denounced for the situation.

“The panchnama is manufactured and was not ready on the spot and, subsequently, the recuperation displayed under the panchnama is dubious and can’t be depended upon,” the court said.

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“There is no proof on record showing that the candidate (Kumar) provided medications to charged No 1 (Aryan Khan) or to anyone and, thusly, the candidate is qualified for be delivered on bail,” the request said. PTI

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