Punjab polls: AAP is ‘photocopy’ of Congress, says PM Modi at a Pathankot rally

A video grab of PM Narendra Modi addressing a rally in Pathankot. Photo Credit : Twitter/BJP4India

A video grab of PM Narendra Modi addressing a rally in Pathankot. Photo Credit : Twitter/BJP4India

PM Narendra Modi sent off a rankling assault on the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party {AAP} at a convention in Punjab’s Pathankot in front of the Assembly decisions, planned for 20 February.

The PM called the AAP a copy of the Congress, saying, “One stole from Punjab and the other is doing tricks in a steady progression in Delhi. Notwithstanding the two of them being on similar plate, presently these two gatherings are doing nura-wrestling together.

In all actuality on the off chance that the Congress is unique, the other party is its copy.”

Suddenly erupting at the Congress and the AAP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “The Congress has a sidekick. One drove Punjab’s childhood into drugs and the other is getting youngsters dependent on liquor. They communicate in the language of Pakistan.”

The top state leader asserted that the BJP checks out Punjab according to the viewpoint of “Punjabiyat” while his adversaries take a gander at the state just from the perspective of political power.

Narendra Modi likewise referenced the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor in Pakistan. “They (Congress) deserted Kartarpur Gurudwara in Pakistan. Would it be a good idea for them to have not put forth attempts to keep it in India? In 1965, assuming they attempted, we would have had Gurunanak’s origin in India,” he said while guaranteeing credit for the advancement of the hall.

The top state leader additionally pummeled the Congress, blaming the party for scrutinizing the boldness of the Armed Forces and requesting confirmation in the Pulwama assault.

“When Pakistani psychological oppressors assaulted this place where there is Pathankot, the whole nation was joined together however where were Congress party pioneers around then? They scrutinized the capacities of our military, they raised questions, they brought up issues on the penances of our saints. In any event, during the commemoration of Pulwama assault, they are again scrutinizing the confirmations of our troopers’ capacities. Presently it’s you who needs to choose if would we be able to believe the security of a boundary state like Punjab in such individuals’ hands,” Modi said.

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He said cultivating, exchange and industry will be made beneficial in five years if the BJP-drove union is casted a ballot to control in the state. “Allow me five years to serve you. I guarantee you cultivating, exchange, industry will be made beneficial,” Modi said at the survey rally in the midst of cheers and adulation from the group.

“As of now, there is no twofold motor government in Punjab. At the present time, just the driving force of the focal government is working. Indeed, even in these circumstances, we made an honest effort to fabricate new thruways, make turnpike, advance enterprises in Punjab,” said the head of the state.

He summoned Sant Ravidas and said his administration was following his standards, and that the government assistance of the poor was above all the other things for it.

The top state leader arrived at Pathankot to go to the assembly subsequent to offering petitions at the ‘Shri Guru Ravidas Vishram Dham Mandir’ in Delhi’s Karol Bagh on the event of Ravidas Jayanti.

“Today is Sant Ravidas Jayanti. Prior to coming here, I went to Guru Ravidas Vishram Mandir (in Delhi) and looked for gifts,” he said.

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