Petrol price at it’s all time high, nears Rs 108/Litre in Mumbai.

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Petrol costs remained unaltered in the country for the fifth day on Thursday while diesel rates similarly didn’t go up. In Delhi, petrol costs remained at Rs 101.84 a liter while the speed of diesel was at Rs 89.87.

In Mumbai, oil can be bought at Rs 107.83 per liter and diesel costs Rs 97.45 for one liter.

One liter of oil is esteemed at Rs 102.49 in Chennai and diesel costs Rs 94.39 per liter in the city. Petrol in Kolkata costs Rs 102.08 per liter and diesel is assessed at Rs 93.02. While petrol can be bought at Rs 110.20 in Bhopal and diesel is esteemed at Rs 98.67 for one liter.

Since 4 May, fuel costs have been on the climb in the country after the social affair races in states and affiliation spaces including West Bengal, Kerala, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Oil and diesel costs are rethought by the oil publicizing associations including Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil and Hindustan Petroleum. The new expenses are done at 6 am every day. States and metropolitan networks have different fuel costs because of the value added evaluations, neighborhood and freight charges which contrast dependent upon the spot.

Following are the expenses of diesel and petrol a few metros and Tier-II metropolitan networks in the country:

1. Mumbai

Petroleum – Rs 107.83/Liter

Diesel – Rs 97.45/Liter

2. Delhi

Petroleum – Rs 101.84/Liter

Diesel – Rs 89.87/Liter

3. Chennai

Petroleum – Rs 102.49/Liter

Diesel – Rs 94.39/Liter

4. Kolkata

Petroleum – Rs 102.08/Liter

Diesel – Rs 93.02/Liter

5. Bhopal

Petroleum – Rs 110.20/Liter

Diesel – Rs 98.67/Liter

6. Hyderabad

Petroleum – Rs 105. 83/Liter

Diesel – Rs 97.96/Liter

7. Bangaluru

Petroleum – Rs 105.25/Liter

Diesel – Rs 95.26/Liter

8. Guwahati

Petroleum – Rs 97.64/Liter

Diesel – Rs 89.22/Liter

9. Lucknow

Petroleum – Rs 98.92/Liter

Diesel – Rs 90.26/Liter

10. Gandhinagar

Petroleum – Rs 98.79/Liter

Diesel – 96.95/Liter

11. Thiruvananthapuram

Petroleum – Rs 103.82/Liter

Diesel – Rs 96.47/Liter

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