Hijab not an essential part of Islam, Karnataka govt tells HC

Photo for representational purpose only

Photo for representational purpose only

The Karnataka government on Friday stated under the steady gaze of the Karnataka High Court that hijab was not a fundamental strict act of Islam and the prohibition on wearing it in instructive organizations didn’t abuse the right to religion ensured under Article 25 of the Constitution.

“We have stood firm that wearing Hijab is anything but a fundamental strict piece of Islam,” Advocate General Prabhuling Navadgi told a three-judge Bench drove by Chief Justice RR Awasthi.

Navadgi said the act of wearing hijab ought to likewise breeze through the assessment of established profound quality as deciphered by the Supreme Court in different decisions, including the Sabarimala Temple ladies’ entrance case.

The meeting would continue on Monday.

A few Muslim young ladies have tested the Karnataka government’s February 5 request limiting understudies from wearing garments that could upset harmony, agreement and peace and lawfulness.

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The Karnataka High Court had on February 10 limited understudies from going to instructive foundations wearing strict dress. The Supreme Court had on Friday wouldn’t mediate in the Karnataka hijab contention even as it declared that it will safeguard the sacred freedoms of everybody and will take up the matter at the fitting time.

Navadgi dismissed the charge of solicitor young ladies that the restriction on wearing hijab or saffron scarves abused Article 25 of the Constitution.

Taking note of that Article 25 gave opportunity of heart and free calling, practice and proliferation of religion to residents, the Advocate General presented that “Assuming someone wishes to practice the right to opportunity of religion, it must be checked whether this activity influences public request, wellbeing and profound quality.”

He called attention to that during the COVID-19 pandemic every one of the strict spots were closed and the reason for keeping the spots shut was general wellbeing. The restriction on hijab in instructive foundations must be tried as far as ethical quality, wellbeing and public request, he contended.

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