Distracting people won’t change facts, India looks a lot like Sri Lanka, says Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi File Photo

Rahul Gandhi File Photo

Previous Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday hit out at the public authority over rising expansion and joblessness and said India looks a “ton like Sri Lanka” and the Center shouldn’t occupy individuals.

The Congress has been blaming the public authority for diverting individuals with different issues to conceal its disappointments and issues of value rise and joblessness.

“Diverting individuals won’t change current realities. India seems to be Sri Lanka,” Gandhi said on Twitter.

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He shared diagrams of joblessness, petroleum cost and public brutality showing comparable pictures of India and Sri Lanka refering to different sources including outfitted struggle area and occasion information project, Lok Sabha unstarred inquiry, CMIE, Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell and Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

The Congress has been going after the public authority over the issue of cost and expansion and rising joblessness and have said that the circumstance in India is going the Sri Lanka way, where the state head needed to leave taking into account the disintegrating circumstance. PTI

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