Congress can go its own way, regional parties must unite : TMC chief Mamata Banerjee

TMC President Mamata Banerjee File Photo

TMC President Mamata Banerjee File Photo

Having contacted territorial satraps MK Stalin and K Chandrasekhar Rao to push for an enemy of BJP union daily previously, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee on Monday looked to edge the Congress out of any such planned development, saying no provincial outfit imparted cheerful connections to it and that the “Congress can head out in a different direction”.

In the midst of indications of expanding bonhomie among her and her Telangana and Tamil Nadu partners Rao and Stalin, Banerjee had moved toward the two on Sunday to set up gatherings of Opposition CMs. “The country’s government structure has been bulldozed…the country’s Constitution is being destroyed. We as a whole need to meet up to safeguard it,” she said on Monday after her party cleared the city partnership races in West Bengal, managing one more body catastrophe for the BJP after the last’s embarrassment in the Assembly races in 2021.

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“Together, we are attempting to safeguard the government structure. All territorial gatherings should come to an agreement,” she said, alluding to her calls to Rao and Stalin.

Banerjee, who has heightened her endeavors to frame an alliance of resistance groups after she dropped out with the Congress over cobbling together a union in Goa, asserted no provincial outfit wa agreeable with the principle Opposition party. “The Congress can turn out well for its, we will go our own,” she stated.

Strangely, Congress is a coalition accomplice of the DMK in Tamil Nadu. PTI

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