At least three rockets hit Kandahar Airport in Southern Afghanistan overnight; all flights cancelled.

Kandahar Airport .

Kandahar Airport

Kandahar: At least three rockets struck Kandahar air terminal in southern Afghanistan short-term, an authority told AFP on Sunday, as the Taliban went ahead with their broad hostile the nation over.

“Last night three rockets were terminated at the air terminal and two of them hit the runway… Because of this all departures from the air terminal have been dropped,” air terminal boss Massoud Pashtun told AFP.

Pashtun said work to fix the runway was in progress and anticipated that the airport should be functional later on Sunday. An authority at the common aeronautics expert in Kabul affirmed the rocket assault.

The Taliban have for quite a long time dispatched shrinking attacks on the edges of Kandahar, mixing fears that the extremists were nearly catching the common capital.

Kandahar’s air base is fundamental to giving the coordinations and air support expected to hold the assailants back from invading Afghanistan’s second-greatest city.

The assault on the air terminal came as the Taliban crept nearer to overwhelming two other commonplace capitals: Herat in the west and Lashkar Gah in the south.

The Taliban’s huge regional increases during the last phases of the US military withdrawal have generally been in meagerly populated country regions.

However, as of late they have welcomed expanding tension on a few common capitals and held onto key boundary intersections.

The catch of any major metropolitan place would take their present hostile to another level and fuel worries that the military is unequipped for opposing the Taliban’s combat zone gains.

The public authority has more than once excused the Taliban’s consistent regional increases over the late spring as lacking vital worth.

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