All escape routes being shut by Taliban as citizens desperately flee Afghanistan.

All escape routes being shut by Taliban as citizens desperately flee Afghanistan.

All escape routes being shut by Taliban as citizens desperately flee Afghanistan.

Huge number of Afghans attempting to get away from the wretchedness at home have rushed to their country’s southern line with Pakistan, however their endeavors to get across have been halted by the Taliban.

Zakariullah, sitting on a country road in the exchanging town of Spin Boldak two or three hundred meters from Pakistan, says he has been turned around the greater part multiple times, at times viciously.

“They say just individuals from the space with papers,” Zakariullah, a 25-year-old rancher and father of three, told AFP toward the end of the week.

“We need to cross the line to work there in light of the fact that there are no positions here.”

The new Taliban rulers demand Afghans need to remain and revamp their contention assaulted country.

“They tell individuals ‘It’s your country. You ought not leave’,” said 25-year-old Rahmadin Wardak, who was additionally attempting to escape.

On the opposite side, their Pakistani partners in Chaman were additionally halting those endeavoring to cross.

“Consistently, 8,000 to 9,000 individuals attempt to cross the line without having the fundamental papers, and are turned around,” one Taliban line watch, Mullah Maulvi Haqyar, told AFP.

Maulvi Noor Mohammad Saeed, a Taliban official in Kandahar territory, affirmed the specialists were inquiring “individuals and families to not leave the country”.

“Doing that, you lose regard for your Afghan culture,” he told AFP.

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Sticks and lines

At the boundary, just day workers and dealers – all youngsters wearing customary level pakol caps and perspiring under the heaviness of their merchandise – were permitted to pack into a tight passageway finished off with security fencing that prompted the following designated spot.

A second passageway for different explorers lay for the most part unfilled, with a couple of exemptions including old people stacked onto handcarts looking for earnest medical care in Pakistan.

Be that as it may, scores of Afghans are anxious to leave a country very nearly financial breakdown since the Islamists held onto influence in mid-August and unfamiliar guide cash evaporated.

Occupations have disappeared while ranchers are battling with the effect of a dry spell.

The United Nations has cautioned 33% of the populace is confronting the danger of starvation.

Zakariullah, whose farmland was 600 kilometers in Kabul area, said he currently expected to look for some kind of employment in Pakistan. He would then send for his better half and kids to go along with him.

Yet, in the same way as other others at the line crossing, the excursion to Spin Boldak has stripped away his pitiful investment funds.

Mohammed Arif said he left his home in Nangarhar in the east since he had “no cash, no food to take care of my eight youngsters”.

Uproar emitted outside the line office as hundreds begged the Taliban to let them through, during a visit by AFP toward the end of the week.

Gatekeepers employing sticks and lines attempted to control the excited scene as a squash of individuals pushed to get across to sell their assets – and save hunger under control for a couple of more hours.

None of them made it.

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