Afghan man living illegally in Nagpur for 10 years and escaped from India in June, joins Taliban

Representational image.

Representational image.

Nagpur: An Afghan public, who was expelled to his country from Nagpur in June this year after he was found remaining here illicitly, has obviously joined the Taliban and his image holding a rifle has surfaced via online media, a senior police official said on Friday.

The Taliban has held onto power in Afghanistan as it cleared into capital Kabul on 15 August after President Ashraf Ghani escaped the country.

“The man, Noor Mohammad Ajiz Mohammad, 30, was found remaining in Nagpur since the most recent 10 years wrongfully. He was living in a leased spot in Dighori space of the city. Following up on a hint, the police had begun keeping a watch on his exercises. He was at last seized and ousted to Afghanistan on 23 June,” he said.

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“After his extradition, he appears to have joined the Taliban and his photograph holding a firearm has arisen via online media,” he added.

During the test prior, police had discovered that he had come to Nagpur in 2010 on a six-month traveler visa. Afterward, he had applied to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) looking for a displaced person status for himself, however his application was dismissed. His allure was likewise turned somewhere near the UNHRC. From that point forward, he remained in Nagpur unlawfully, the authority said.

After he was captured, police found that he had “passage and leave wounds” from a shot close to one side shoulder, he said, adding that when his web-based media accounts were checked, it was discovered that he was following a few fear based oppressors whose recordings of weapon discharging were accessible via online media.

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“He was occupied with selling covers and was unmarried. Police led look at his leased convenience, however didn’t discover anything dubious. His call subtleties are additionally under the scanner of the police,” the authority said.

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